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Sight and Life's interns reflect

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Operating with a small team, we take advantage of the opportunity to invite interns to work with us in a variety of different capacities and roles. These bright young students, who are usually studying for or have finished a master’s degree, not only expand our operational capacity but also provide an opportunity for us to engage in additional projects and partnerships, such as our long-standing partnership with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHBSPH) in Baltimore, USA.

Henry Mark (BSc Food and Human Nutrition, Newcastle University, UK) was an intern at Sight and Life for six months:

“Working with Sight and Life was a fantastic opportunity to advance my technical knowledge of micronutrient nutrition, and also to enhance my core skills in academic writing and project management. Sight and Life operates at the front of the nutrition field, making it an exciting, fast-moving environment to work in. I would strongly recommend the internship to anybody looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity.”

Annie Provo (postgraduate student from JHBSPH) was funded by Sight and Life to conduct a food insecurity and anthropometric survey in Thika, Kenya:

“The realities of working in Kenya, such as a daily confrontation with hunger, have challenged my perspectives – I have seen first-hand the benefits of Sight and Life’s humanitarian mission and commitment to the Macheo programs. There are great opportunities to reduce hunger for these children, while also achieving the greatest nutritional impact.”