Over the years, Sight and Life has tackled a range of topics including deep dives into social marketing and nutrition concepts. During this ‘Zoom era’ of fast-paced and constant inundation of information, we take a step back to reflect on those pieces that really resonate with us. We are excited to share the top ten Sight and Life blog posts that made a lasting impression on our team members.  

Read to the end of our top ten favorites, listed in no particular order, and find out which blog received the overwhelming majority of votes from our team. See if your favorite made the list!  

1. The Convergence of COVID-19, Climate Change and Malnutrition
(April 25, 2020)

This piece, written by Sight and Life’s Managing Director, Klaus Kraemer, was identified by our staff as a favorite for its timeliness, published as the world was beginning to grapple with the first effects of the Coronavirus. While many were facing concerns for their immediate health and safety, this blog provided a reassuring and long-term perspective. Breda Gavin-Smith described this as her top pick as it “really highlights the essence of Sight and Life. Already in April of 2020, we saw the difficulties Covid-19 would present nutritionally and we were challenging others on solutions to the nutrition crisis that would inevitably follow.” She further commended the post for simultaneously linking issues of climate change, malnutrition and Covid-19, and identifying this as an opportunity to bring together diverse stakeholders. 

2) Nutrition & Immunity Series: 

Part I of II – The Role of Nutrition in the Immune System: Should we pay more attention? (April 17, 2020)  

Part II of II – The Role of Nutrition in the Immune System: Should we pay more attention? (April 29, 2020) 

minerals, immunity, nutrition, immune system, immune response

This two-part series, by our Global Public Health Nutrition Manager, Breda Gavin-Smith, addresses the necessity of nutritious foods in supplying the body with resources to support immune response and best defend itself from various attacks. For optimum performance of the immune system, access to sufficient antioxidants, which serve to decelerate cell damage from free radicals, are essential. Even marginal deficiencies of specific nutrients have been demonstrated to impair the immune responseOur team favored this series for illustrating a new and important facet of the pandemic, highlighting the pertinence of nutrition in addressing Covid-19.  Read Part I and Part II here.

3) Spotlight: Gratitude to frontline workers at the time of coronavirus (April 14, 2020)  

COVID-19 Essentials Delivery

Jointly written by Srujith LingalaKalpana Beesabathuni, and Priyanka Kumari, this piece celebrates India’s dedication and efforts in preventing hunger and providing basic health care activities. Our team agrees that the striking element of this work is its clear reminder of thvital role played by frontline workers to ensure the health and nutrition of families confronted with unprecedented food scarcity. Learn more in the full blog post here

4) Crisis Leads to Purpose – Have you found yours today?  (April 11, 2020) 

A decisive plan of action by the Sight and Life team is laid out in this post for relief efforts targeting pregnant women, lactating women, and mothers of children under five years of age across India. In addition, it solicits the nutrition community for donations to provide nutritious mealand medical kits. This piece outlines a plan to assist in alleviating the dire situations faced by many in India as a result of Covid-19. Our team identifies this blog post as a favorite for creating a road map, giving others a practical way to contribute to relief efforts.    

5) Five-Step Plan to Prevent an Impending Nutrition Famine During COVID-19 in India (May 15, 2020) 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Executive Assistant, Pavithra Balasubramanian, found encouragement in this blog postWritten by Srujith Lingala, Manager of Technology and Entrepreneurship, this piece not only provides an actionable plan to address the pandemic crisis, it also serves as a reminder that we are all connected in this global challenge. Read the full post here

6) Changing the Standard: Why multiple micronutrient supplements in pregnancy are an ethical issue (May 26, 2019) 

This highly rated blog post, authored by Klaus Kraemer, emphasizes the need for immediate action in addressing disparities in antenatal care, particularly in Low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). Klaus Kraemer identifies the ethical obligation for world health leaders to update global and national guidelines in response to the advances in scientific research comparing iron and folic acid (IFA) and multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) on birth outcomes. Learn more about MMS in the full blog post here.

7) Alternative Proteins: What’s the deal? (October 4, 2020) 

Source: Good Food Institute

Team members selected this post as a favorite for offering a holistic perspective to the conversation on alternative proteinsThe article provides a snapshot of the landscape and offers resources to understand key elements of the alternative proteins discussion, including nutritional value, investments being made in plant-based food companies, and the role of inclusive business models in increasing affordabilityDive into the details by clicking here.

8) Food Systems Innovation Hub: Small and medium enterprises – Key to good nutrition (January 20, 2021) 


Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the fantastic series on the Food Systems Innovation Hub. This piece, written by Srujith Lingala, provides an in-depth perspective on the importance of bolstering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  SMEs comprise about 90% of all businesses and have the potential to improve the nutrition and overall health of a country’s population. Be sure to read the full blog post here and check out the entire series on food systems here.

9) Essential Reading on Behavior Change Communication (BCC) (May 7, 2018) 

Behavior change communications, BCC, SBCC

Another look into the Sight and Life team and work, this piece comes recommended for its wealth of resources pertaining to behavior change communication (BCC). In addition to our four-part webinar series, this blog outlines key BCC learnings along with a diverse array of readings, a toolkit, books, and more to supply readers with valuable, actionable resources. Learn more about behavior change communications by reading the full post here.

10) It Makes Me Smile (July 30, 2020)

Rowena Merritt, Head of Research at the National Social Marketing Centre, and mother to a8-year-old boy with a strong affection for ‘fizzy’ drinks, addresses the essential task of understanding your target audienceBoth informative and humorous, this piece also highlights the importance of discovering and offering an acceptable exchange to the target audience in order to change their behavior. This top runner of Sight and Life blog posts was selected for its humanizing elementTeam members could relate to this piece as fellow mothers, while otherselected it for the accessible manner in which it conveyed social marketing themes. Yet others appreciate this blog post for emphasizing the critical element of listening to the target audience.  


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