Daniel Amanquah

Food Fortification Specialist for OBAASIMA

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I have always been fascinated about science and how things come into being. During my formative years, was when I first heard about food security and hunger and I remember telling my Dad that I would produce food so no one goes hungry. This early passion influenced my decision to study nutrition and food science in order to contribute to solving the complexities of malnutrition and other nutrition related problems.

Daniel, Sight Life, Obaasima, food fortification“Healthier people, equals a better nation. We cannot develop if our people are not healthy. Apart from ensuring food security, we must insist on nutrition security with emphasis on the need to fight excessive sugar and salt in processed foods that are causing serious health problems whiles encouraging the consumption of foods high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. Without the right policies in place it will be quite difficult to solve the issue of malnutrition. Fortification of local food products in a scientifically proven manner should be taken up by Governments. We need a concerted approach to help drive the good nutrition agenda.’’

Leveraging on my previous work in the development space and now with Sight and Life, I bring my knowledge in the area of food science and nutrition to bear on the great work being pursued by Sight and Life around the world. At Sight and Life, our work goes beyond profit hence, I hope to impact society, especially the less privileged and the vulnerable. As a team we take issues of nutrition a step further as we seek to make sure the foods are not only safe but also highly nutritious and reaching people in need.