Elvis Gakuba

Rwanda Country Manager for Sight and Life

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Growing up as a refuge, in a region where conflict dominated the headlines, I saw people suffering firsthand and often due to the political situation and discriminative policies which unfairly affected women, children, and the elderly more. These experiences have deeply influenced my life and my choice of education eventually leading me to a career in nutrition. Now I can make a difference through my work to ensure there are not vulnerable people suffering from policies related to food or health. 


“I truly believe that we have enough quality food to feed us all, and no one should suffer from hunger or malnutrition, with the right policies, and political will, hunger, and malnutrition will be defeated.”

For the past 15 years, I have been involved in shaping policies and implementing them to address gender equality, food security, and fight all forms of malnutrition in Rwanda, Burundi, and East Africa.