The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition

Generating Thought Leadership and Supporting Advocacy

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Sight and Life and the nutrition community are increasingly aware that nutrition’s new frontier is implementation science. As many countries look to scale up proven nutrition interventions, the challenge today is how best to deliver them within existing health systems or large-scale programs, where delivery relies on staff motivation, training, work-load, cost, eating habits, and the food environment of the target population.
Sight and Life is working with a number of partners on increasing this discussion, and generating thought leadership on implementation for scaling up effective and efficient approaches.

Launched in 2016, The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition (SISN) was established to facilitate the vital collaboration needed between all stakeholders in nutrition implementation and to pool the collective knowledge, experience, resources, and commitments of scientists and practitioners to take on the challenge of scaling-up nutrition globally. Its mission is to convene, advocate, disseminate, and promote dialogue among scientists, policy leaders, government officials, funders and practitioners to advance the science and practice of nutrition implementation world-wide.

As a member of SISN you will:

– Be affiliated to a global society mobilizing change

– Shape the future of implementation

– Enhance your professional profile

– Be provided with opportunities to share your work

– Gain leadership experience and enhance your technical skills

If you are not already a SISN member you can apply here. For additional information about SISN, please visit the website.