Improving Nutrition Equals Improving Lives

A partnership fighting the debilitating effects of hunger and malnutrition in the developing world

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Sight and Life is an active member of the DSM-World Food Programme (WFP) partnership, entitled “Improving Nutrition – Improving Lives”. The partnership aims to fight the debilitating effects of hunger and malnutrition in the developing world. This shows how public-private partnerships can work and deliver, through harnessing individual strengths.

“I am the co-chair of the partnership from DSM’s end. As part of the joint management team, I provide strategic guidance and my expertise in nutrition science to the partnership.
– Klaus Kraemer, Director Sight and Life

Sight and Life provides the partnership with scientific expertise. Areas include food vehicle development using a consumer-first approach; rice fortification technical advice for efficacy trials and programs; an advocacy and communication platform; and capacity building through training on nutrition basics, situation analysis, response options, behavior change communication and advocacy, and program resource materials such as the Cost of the Diet Tool.

“I’m assessing World Food Programme (WFP) behavior change communication strategies, and developing a framework that can be used across all the nutrition programs in both emergency and non-emergency settings, as well as developing the guidance documents to help country program officers.”
– Eva Monterrosa, Sight and Life Scientific Manager 

The partnership also helps to implement large-scale micronutrient powder (MNP) programs as part of WFP nutrition strategy. As a co-founder and member of the Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group (HF-TAG), Sight and Life has played an important role in the development of a 15-micronutrient formulation for MNPs that has been endorsed by both the WFP and The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). MNPs have now been recognised as an effective way to deliver indispensable nutrition, through various delivery platforms, either free or through a market based approach.