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In this issue of the Sight and Life magazine, we used the data value chain as the organizing framework and invited authors who are thought leaders and practitioners not just to highlight the challenges along each step of the value chain but also to offer viable solutions that are pushing the envelope. 


Ellen Piwoz and Rahul Rawat, from the Gates Foundation, and Patrizia Fracassi and David Kim, from the SUN Movement Secretariat, take us through the data value chain and illustrate each link with country and global examples of progress and next steps. Gilles Bergeron from The New York Academy of Sciences lays out possibilities offered by modeling tools in prioritizing optimal investments in nutrition by policymakers

Deepak Singhania and colleagues from Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) address the data creation and collection component by highlighting the importance of administrative data and proposing a systemic strengthening of data collection procedures that can produce accurate and actionable information. André Laperrière and colleagues from GODAN and NNEdPro explore a method of producing and curating nutrition data that is openly available and accessible to other researchers. Roxana Elliott and colleagues from GeoPoll shed light on the power of mobile platforms to collect data and present a practical guide for incorporating mobile methods into research. 

Janosch Klemm and Saskia de Pee from the World Food Programme tackle the data analysis component by outlining an assessment tool that collates information from multiple sectors to help policymakers take evidence-based decisions to prevent malnutrition. Stephen Kodish from Pennsylvania State University explains how cultural domain analysis can be used by practitioners and researchers alike to generate ethnographic data for the culturally appropriate design and implementation of interventions. 

Our colleague Anne Milan takes us through a practical journey of translating insights into powerful and visually appealing infographics. Renee Manorat and colleagues from the Results for Development Institute explain how data visualization tools could include more actionable indicators. Claudia Schauer and colleagues write about how sound technical guidance can inform decision-making for critical interventions. Jessica Fanzo, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, explores the crucial but often forgotten topic of considering ethics along the nutrition data value chain. This issue also features a range of scientific articles and field reports.


We very much hope you will enjoy this new issue of Sight and Life magazine, and trust that it will stimulate new ways of thinking that pave the way for meaningful and lasting change! It is chock-full of thought-provoking articles from a broad range of authors who are leading experts in their fields spanning the public, private, social, and academic sectors. Our deepest thanks to all of them for their contributions!

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