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This edition of the Sight and Life magazine focuses on Double Burden of Malnutrition and the challenges and opportunities the global community now faces in addressing all forms of malnutrition. 


Each article in this issue of Sight and Life magazine is inspiring and thought-provoking, from EATForum CEO Dr. Alessandro Demaio’s piece on how the global community can come together through integrated action on the double burden of malnutrition to Chandni Maria Jacob and Mark Hanson’s article, A Life-course Approach for Influencing Policies to Prevent Childhood Malnutrition, which examines how a life-course approach to policy design can help prevent childhood malnutrition.

From around the world, Simón Barquera, Mariel White and Norma Buenrostro’s from INSP in Mexico share a synopsis on the situation in Latin America in their article, The Double Burden of Malnutrition: A Latin American perspective, while Regina Moench-Pfanner, Jeyakumar Henry and Klaus Kraemer provide the view on Asia in their piece, Time to Recalibrate Nutrition Improvement Strategy? Perspectives from Asia. Another inspiring piece written by World Food Programme’s Indira Bose, Saskia de Pee and colleagues focuses on how to identify interventions that can have the greatest impacts in the article, Consumption of Empty-calorie Snack Foods Raises Cost of Nutritious Diet: Results from Fill the Nutrient Gap analysis in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Tajikistan and Ecuador

What does a double- or triple-duty action look like? Rafael Pérez-Escamilla from the Yale School of Public Health and Sofia Segura-Pérez from the Hispanic Health Council provide the rationale for breastfeeding as an important example of triple-duty action in the context of the double burden of malnutrition. The value of involving communities in the fight against all forms of malnutrition is key and Jessica Renzella and Elyse Franko-Filipasic’s article, Eat. Think. Solve., explores the value of community-centered approaches in addressing an issue as complex as the double burden. To dive into some of the science behind the complexity, read Hélène Deslile’s piece, Double Burden of Malnutrition at the Individual Level: The frequent co-occurrence of undernutrition and nutrition-related cardiometabolic risk. For a compelling call to action on the role of double-duty actions in addressing the double burden, read Corinna Hawkes’ article, From What to How: The role of double-duty actions in addressing the double burden

 “The challenges present a unique opportunity for mutual learning and collaboration”


We very much hope you will enjoy this new issue of Sight and Life magazine, and trust that it will stimulate new ways of thinking that pave the way for meaningful and lasting change! It is chock-full of thought-provoking articles from a broad range of authors who are leading experts in their fields spanning the public, private, social, and academic sectors. Our deepest thanks to all of them for their contributions!

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