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While optimal nutrition for older infants and young children is currently a global focus, we must not forget that women’s nutrition is also critical. Thus, this edition of Sight and Life magazine focuses on women’s nutrition. 

According to Preetu Mishra and Jee Hyun Rah, from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in New Delhi, India, scientific evidence shows that a large proportion of pregnant adolescents are still growing in height during and following pregnancy. In the article, “Closing the Nutrient Gap During Adolescent Pregnancies,” they recommend strategies to prevent early and frequent pregnancies until adult height is reached and explain the importance of implementing reproductive nutrition and health programs and policies for adolescents.

An exciting public-private partnership in Ghana, known as Affordable Nutritious Foods for Women (ANF4W), is looking at establishing a market-based solution to improve the nutritional status of women of reproductive age with fortified food products. Dr. Eva Monterrosa, Senior Scientific Manager at Sight and Life Foundation, describes in “Improving the Nutritional Status of Women of Reproductive Age,” how the project aims to provide considerable amounts of the RNIs of 18 vitamins and minerals during the critical period of pregnancy and lactation when nutrient needs are elevated. 

Continue reading these articles and more about women’s nutrition from leading experts through the pages of the Sight and Life Magazine. 

Please find here the full edition and individual chapters in chronological order:

Welcome: Can Diet Alone Deliver Good Nutrition?

Infograph: Food Taboos During Pregnancy and Lactation Across the World

Young Nutritionists Shine in Elevator Pitch Contest

Rethinking Public Health in an Age of Pandemics

Participatory Formative Research in Action

Impact of Small-Quantity Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements on Iodine Status

James Allen Olson Memorial Lecture

Improving the Nutritional Status of Women of Reproductive Age

The Micronutrient Composition of Human Milk

Improving Nutrition in the First 1,000 Days through a Social Franchise Model

Iron Supplementation in Predominantly Iron-Replete Populations

Health Economics: Making Communications on Maternal Nutrition Work

Addressing World Poverty through Women and Girls: A feminized solution?

Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition Outcomes

Civil Society- An essential partner for improved nutrition

Cracking the Egg Potential During Pregnancy and Lactation

Essential Fatty Acid Needs During Pregnancy and Lactation

Protein Requirements of Pregnant and Lactating Women

Closing the Nutrient Gap During Adolescent Pregnancies

Improving Nutrition Among Adolescent Girls

WFP Republic of Congo Nutrition-Sensitive Urban Safety Net Program

Six Legs to Nutrition: A New Old Food Source

Stunting: Malnutrition or Exploitation?

Malnutrition and Psychosis in Don Quixote

Professor Osman Galal (1931–2016)

A Day in the Life of Lucy Martinez Sullivan

18th International Society for Research in Human Milk & Lactation

Landmark Global Nutrition Study Launched

2016 CARIG Conference Convenes in San Diego

Positioning Women’s Nutrition at the Center of Sustainable Development

Rice Fortification

Nutrition Problems of Female Carpet Workers in Kathmandu

What’s New

Book Review of The First 1,000 Days