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Banding Together around Micronutrients

Sight and Life Special Report Micronutrient Forum CONNECTEDThis Sight and Life Special Report | Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference CONNECTED 2020 aims to serve as an important resource for all in the nutrition community. We are also proud to announce our support in making all sessions from CONNECTED OPEN ACCESS!

We hope you take the opportunity to learn from the CONNECTED content. Visit the CONNECTED website to register and access all 23 plenary sessions38 on-demand sessions35 sponsored sessions, and over 350 posters in the gallery – totaling over 150 hours of videos to watch! Need some inspiration on where to get started? Read the new Sight and Life Special Report which provides a thorough review of the meaningful discussions and presentations around micronutrients during CONNECTED and shares trends and themes that emerged. 


Introduction by Saskia Osendarp, Micronutrient Forum Executive Director, and Klaus Kraemer, Sight and Life Managing Director

Infographic | From Lab to Plate: How micronutrient science and policymaking can combine to deliver improved food systems

Track 1: Micronutrient Biology and Status Assessment by Jaime Maquis, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Track 2: Efficacy and Safety of Micronutrient Interventions by Martin N. Mwangi, the University of Malawi, College of Medicine, Training and Research Unit of Excellence (TRUE)

Track 3: Program Effectiveness by Rebecca Olson, Sight and Life

Track 4: Designing an Enabling Environment for Micronutrients by Tsisti Chimhashu, Wageningen University

Track 5: Food Systems by Kris Woltering and Chiara, Sight and Life 

Our deepest thanks to the Micronutrient Forum for hosting CONNECTED, and the rapporteurs for their contributions! 

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