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This compendium on Take-Home Rations (THR) brings together the latest evidence-based experience from the Indian states, and key insights and roadmap for a solution. It aims to serve as an important resource for decision-makers and implementers, thereby driving the reform and strengthening of THR.

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Take-Home Rations Compendium
Table of Content 

Overview of Take-Home Rations
Formulation & Composition
Governance & Management
Production Models



Telangana Foods: A State Enterprise Model
Spotlight on Anganwadi Staff during COVID-19 Lockdown
Public-Private Partnership in Gujarat: Amul Case Study
Nutrition Matters: Reformulation in Madhya Pradesh
An Investment Case for Madhya Pradesh: Is Financial Sustainability Achievable?


A Cluster Model in Kerala: Experience of Kudumbashree
Governance and Accountability: Experience of Odisha
Situation Analysis of Rajasthan’s Production Models
The Banswara Model: An Experience from Rajasthan
Operational Guidelines: A Case Study from Bihar

Spotlight on Karnataka

India’s ICDS Programme: Providing complementary food supplements at scale


Spotlight on National Framework for Take-Home Rations