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Food environments: Where people meet the food system

This year’s theme of UNSCN publication investigates ways to better understand the factors that influence people’s food choices within the wider food system that enable the availability, affordability and access to healthier options. To tackle these challenges UNSCN works with its partners to better understand why and how diets, lifestyles and food environments are changing and how food systems need to respond accordingly.

Sight and Life contributed an article “Last-mile nutrition: What role for the private sector?” where we share insights and lessons learned from four innovative partnerships in different countries, which aim to make nutritious foods more accessible, affordable, convenient and desirable. Through these case studies, we aim to highlight the potential of private-sector investment in nutrition, showcase innovative strategies for private-sector engagement and draw attention to the catalytic role non-profits can play by brokering partnerships between governments and the private sector to holistically nourish the last-mile consumer.