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The Sight and Life team is delighted to present eight individuals with a scholarship to our SSPH+ Lugano Summer School course, ‘Generating Demand for better public health goods and services: A systems and consumer-centered approach.’ Including these scholarship awardees, the course will be attended by 26+ highly motivated individuals with a desire to improve public health and nutrition from across the globe.

Sight and Life Scholarship Recipients: (left to right) Top row – Apple Espino, Keira Brett, Ruth Helena Girsang, Dr. Swati Jain. Bottom row – Rituj Sahu, Camille Demonchaux, Florence Nabwire, Nihal Nassereddin.

During this 3-day virtual course (August 26 – August 28), attendees will be uncovering tools and innovations in behavioral science and social marketing for application towards positively impacting behavior, increasing service uptake, and generating demand for healthy goods.

Course instructors include Sight and Life team members: (left to right) Rowena Merritt, Kalpana Beesabathuni, Breda Gavin Smith, and Puja Tshering.

With an unprecedented number of outstanding applicants this year, our scholarship selection committee was particularly impressed by the expertise, curiosity, and imagination demonstrated by each candidate. A warm congratulations goes out to each of our Sight and Life scholarship recipients. Get to know more about these successful candidates and learn how they plan to use social marketing for good:

Keira Brett, Ireland

An experienced Coordinator, Keira has spent a number of years working on sustainability and community development projects in both government and not-for-profit sectors in Australia. Since returning to Ireland in 2019 has pursued a career in health promotion and currently works within a multi-disciplinary network to advance the Healthy Ireland government framework in Fingal, North Dublin, seeking to improve the population’s health and well-being with a particular focus on health inequalities.

Keira is particularly interested in learning how to develop social marketing interventions as an effective evidence-based tool for behavior change.

Camille Demonchaux, Switzerland

With 7+ years of experience in both private and social sectors, Camille currently works as a Project Manager at the Adecco Group Foundation. In parallel, she has developed a new passion for food and health as a result of health issues which led her to radically change her eating habits. She is now specifically interested in learning how to use social media to share her key learnings with others.

With this course, Camille aims to combine her new passion for food and health with her business acumen in creating sustainable changes and innovative models to impact people’s lives.

Apple Espino, Philippines

Apple is a Filipino Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian with a wide breadth of experience and interests – from nutrition epidemiology and food marketing, to climate change and agri-food system. Her drive and goals as a researcher, practitioner, and learner have always been motivated by grassroots understanding and stories of poverty, hunger, malnutrition and inequality. Her tools and methods are influenced by global thinkers and her inquiries are receptive to the question, “Why do people do what they do?’—fostering an understanding of the various systems and environments that impact a person’s aspirations, decisions, and behavior.

Apple takes seriously the delivery of genuine, effective solutions for positive change and the transformation of people and communities. As such, she considers her education and ability to apply social marketing to be an important complementary asset to the other approaches she is familiar with.

Ruth Helena Girsang, Indonesia

As a program officer, Ruth’s daily responsibilities are designing and carrying out initiatives that help improve outcomes for vulnerable groups in the community. Her day-to-day activities have enriched her understanding of the value of the way that initiatives are delivered to recipients – in ways that encourage them to use it, which she esteems to be as important as the initiative itself.

Ruth views this as an experience to ignite her curiosity and learn more about how to invite communities to be partners in creating change for the greater good. This desire to enhance engagement for public good led her to an approach called social marketing.

Dr. Swati Jain, India

Dr. Swati Jain is a qualified nutritionist, presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Food and Nutrition, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, India. Her research and academic interests are diverse and extend into the areas of mechanism-based nutrition studies, intervention research focused on nutrition issues related to chronic disease risk reduction and self-management, child growth and malnutrition. Dr. Jain has been actively involved as a member and reviewer with international organizations like the Nutrition Society, UK and World Public Health Association, UK.

Dr. Jain views social marketing as an approach that equips individuals to be more accountable towards their health. In a global era of the triple burden of malnutrition and non-communicable diseases, she sees addressing faulty food systems to be of the utmost importance and social marketing as a critical tool for improvement.

Florence Nabwire, England

Florence is a Research Associate and a Prince of Wales Fellow at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Prior to her PhD and postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge and the MRC Human Nutrition Research, she worked for Baylor-Uganda where she designed and implemented a pioneering program integrating nutrition and food security into HIV/AIDS services at over 300 government health facilities.

Florence’s current research at CISL aims to understand infant and young child feeding practices and the factors that influence these decisions in city environments in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), to inform strategies for achieving sustained improvement in diets in the first 1000 days of life. Training in demand creation and social marketing will equip me with knowledge and practical insights on employing consumer insights to promote healthy diets in city environments in SSA.

Nihal Nassereddin, Palestine

A Nutrition Officer and food technologist at WFP since 2009, Nihal is based in her home city of Jerusalem. Through her career in WFP, she has been able to interact with and better understand a variety of people, which has enabled her to develop nutrition projects tackling nutrition problems, mainly anemia, including flour fortification, nutrition awareness, and the development of partnerships with government, NGOs and other UN agencies. When she and her team realized that none of the interventions had changed the nutrition status, Nihal helped to conduct formative research. With the aim to better understand people’s motivators and barriers, this research determined that social marketing was necessary in order to change people’s behavior.

Nihal is deeply invested in learning more about social marketing as it is a new approach in WFP Palestine. She would like to become more informed and confident in social marketing to implement it.

Rituj Sahu, Germany

Rituj is a business and economy researcher-practitioner with 7 years of professional experience in diverse domains, including financial product management, risk advisory, public policy, IT strategy, and social finance. Presently based out of Berlin, he is working as a German Chancellor Fellow at Wider Sense GmbH, a social impact consulting firm. Under the patronage of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, he is creating an open-source handbook on German best practices in the field of Impact-Investing.

Rituj’s interest in social marketing stems from his fascination with the study of human behavior and combining it with marketing concepts and techniques to positively influence social outcomes.


Join the SSPH+ Summer School free virtual plenary lecture series here, to learn from experts including Dr. Rowena Merritt, Sight and Life’s Senior Advisor on social marketing.