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The third edition of Nutrition and Health in Developing Countries takes on a new context whereby the word ‘developing’ is now a verb and not an adjective.

This 827-page book with 36 chapters provides policy makers, nutritionists, students, scientists, and professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge regarding key nutritional and health problems in developing countries. Unlike its two previous editions, this third edition was written against the backdrop of the Sustainable Development Goals and therefore includes new chapters with various topics which well reflect the interconnectedness and complexity of our world. This requires a new approach to public health which includes, but is not limited to: food value chains, challenges to achieving sustainable food systems, urbanization, food insecurity, climate change and political instability.

This third edition reviews the epidemiology, outcome indicators, policies and programs that are used to determine improvements in nutrition and health that lead to development. Programs and policies that address the social and economic determinants of nutrition and health are increasingly gaining in importance as methods to improve the status of the most vulnerable people in the world. This volume is a great resource that policy-makers, nutritionists, students, scientists, and professionals can use to advance methods for improving the health of the world’s population and the development of nations, and to equip themselves to approach health and nutritional problems in a holistic and integrative way.

Sight and Life authored the chapter on ‘The Role of Foundations and Initiatives by the Private Sector for Improving Health and Nutrition’ (pp.771–790).

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