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Crisis leads to purpose – Have you found yours today?

COVID-19, malnutritionWe are in the eye of the proverbial perfect storm, with COVID-19 sending consistent shock waves across all spheres of life. While the coronavirus has been referred to as an equalizer of many sorts, it becomes clearer day by day that there are some, for whom it hurts greatly more than others. Pre-existing financial and social vulnerabilities are deepened in these times. The lockdown to contain the virus has caused major disturbances in day-to-day food supply which are being felt even at an individual level. Procurement, distribution, pricing – fluctuations in these related systems is deeply impacting low-income households. In a recent report by UNICEF, malnutrition alone accounted for 69% of the deaths of children under the age of five, in India.

You and I are typically grappling with facts and trying to do well for ourselves in the face of uncertainty, but a larger section is living their worst fears as you read this. COVID-19 deprives them of even dignity.

There is no better time than now, to come together, to act together.

Help Sight and Life in our mission to alleviate the aftermath of the crisis for the ones who need your help, while also fighting the big fight. Help spread hope so they can cope.

Who are we helping and how?
Sight and Life is supporting its network of institutional partners, NGOs such as The Akshaya Patra Foundation, The Hungry Foal, The Breakfast Revolution to help provide nutritious food supplies to vulnerable sections of society across India. These sections comprise of the marginalized and low-income groups – children under 5 years, pregnant and lactating mothers, daily wage earners, migrant laborers, the most needy and the elderly. They need your help because:

– They do not have the flexibility to work remotely
– They do not have savings to stock up on food
– They do not have ready access to essential service and products either

This initiative will also strengthen grassroots NGOs who don’t have a national presence but are involved in exemplary groundwork to fight COVID-19.

Our plan of action:
Given that this will be a long haul, we will follow a phased donation campaign to best distribute relief efforts. There are 3 phases to our strategy. Phase One aims to reach out to the following vulnerable populations:

– Pregnant women
– Lactating women
– Mothers of children under 5 years

Sight and Life team based in India has volunteered to co-ordinate these relief efforts outside of office hours.

How will your donation be utilized in Phase One?

– We need 20 lakh rupees to provide 1 lakh nutritious meals
– 100% of your donation will be utilized in procurement and distribution of the food and medical kits.

Every contribution, irrespective of the amount, counts. It is time for positive intention to translate into positive action.