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Pandemics are a time of hardship for all. At the same time, a crisis often provokes innovation – a chance to improve the current and future situation for many. The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated outcomes are affecting health, and food and nutrition security leaving millions ailing, hungry and malnourished. Business as usual is therefore not enough. We need a new generation of innovators who can solve humanity’s most pressing challenge. The Elevator Pitch Contest by Sight and Life aims to push progress by supporting disruptive innovations to address the stalled progress in nutrition brought on by COVID-19. Join us on December 4th at 13:30 CET for an exciting pitch competition. Save your spot and register for the event here

Elevator Pitch Contest

We are thrilled to announce four finalists for the seventh Elevator Pitch Contest hosted by Sight and Life and the Africa Green Revolution Forum, the world’s premier forum for African agriculture, and the Micronutrient Forum

Congratulations to:

Elizabeth Gikebe | Mhogo Foods

Elizabeth Gikebe is the founder of Mhogo Foods, a company making affordable, nutritious, and gluten-free cassava flour fortified with vitamins and minerals in Kenya. A product helping her target market, children under 5 years, pregnant and lactating women and women of reproductive age get their daily recommended nutrition. Mhogo foods works directly with over 8,000 small holder farmers. Its portfolio of products include cassava flour, crisps, and tapioca flour.  Mhogo foods is ready to scale.

Prince Abugri | Presbyterian Health Service

Prince Abugri looks to ensure rural health clinics have access to food supplements via a simple, local processing facility in Ghana. “Wini-mix”, a popular combination of  local ingredients such as soya-bean, maize, groundnuts and dry fish and fortified with essential micronutrients like vitamin A and C among others would be processed in a central processing plant in Ghana. 

Chibuike Emmanuel | Agserver

Chibuike Emmanuel is the founder of Agserver, a digital platform delivering information and hosting peer-to-peer knowledge transfer for farmers in Nigeria. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, farmers queries can be resolved in local languages and in real time without needing internet connection. Each farmers will be connected to the most suited and precise responder and resources proving information that allows the farmers to buy smarter (accessing quality products), and thereby produce better quality products. 

Caleb Mawuko | Traza Geospatials

Caleb Mawuko of Traza Geospatials is developing a mobile and website app, Green Basket, which ensures (1) door step delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables, (2) notifications and reminders of nutritious foods to include in diets and (3) dietary advice from nutritionists.

Join us for this exciting pitch competition on December 4th and more about their innovations. Register here

Thank you to our expert judging panel who ask hard questions and make tough decisions!

Dr. Klaus Kraemer – Managing Director, Sight and Life
Dr. Simon Winter – Executive Director, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
Dr. Debisi Araba – Managing Director, African Green Revolution Forum
Kalpana Beesabathuni – Global Lead, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sight and Life