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On 20 June 2020, IMPAct4Nutrition, a platform to Mobilise Private Action for Nutrition in India, was honored with a UNICEF global INSPIRE Award in the category ‘Best Multistakeholder Engagement’. Nearly 100 campaigns from 50 countries were nominated and voted on by UNICEF staff worldwide.

The IMPAct4Nutrition along with the founding partners such as UNICEF, Tata Trusts, CII, Sight and Life, CSR Box, IPE Global, and NASSCOM Foundation co-developed a robust knowledge base for nutrition literacy that companies can use in their ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and employee engagement programs.

By taking the pledge with IMPAct4Nutrition, companies are committing to make POSHAN Abhiyan a Jan Andolan, a social movement to address nutritional issues in their company ecosystem. With this commitment, the private sector will reach out to employees, their families, and customers to spread awareness and improve their knowledge of the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. 

IMPact4Nutrition received a ministerial-level nod when the Ministry of Women and Child Development recommended the implementation of IMPact4Nutrition’s workplace nutrition tools to more than 9,000 member companies through the Confederation of Indian Industry. The IMPact4Nutrition platform is already reaching a combined workforce of nearly 10 million employees, their families, and communities in India and has taken the first steps towards mobilizing the Jan Andolan for nutrition that the country so desperately needs to improve the nutritional status of its people.

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