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On February 16, Dr Juan Rivera Dommarco was elected as the new Director of the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) for the next five years, thereby replacing Dr Mauricio Hernández-Avila. During his appointment ceremony, Dr Rivera Dommarco stated that he would seek to preserve the legacy of the INSP and face the many challenges of public health. He further invited the entire community to unite and support the interests of health above all else, highlighting that the mission of the institute and the health of Mexicans requires “union, cordiality and collaboration.”

The mission of the INSP is to contribute to social equity and the full realization of the right to health protection through the generation and dissemination of knowledge, state-of-the-art training of human resources, and innovation in multidisciplinary research to design evidence-based public policies. INSP is a leader in public health research and teaching. The Institute INSP strives to generate precise and relevant reference knowledge for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of health research policy for Mexico and in the Latin America Region.

Dr Rivera Dommarco concluded his message by outlining his goals for the duration of his mandate:

> To put the interests of population health first

> To create an atmosphere of respect, dialogue, transparency and cordiality within the institution’s community

> To ensure that dialogue with researchers, practitioners an students becomes a common practice

> To position the INSP as a think-tank of the health system

> To strengthen the excellence and relevance of research, teaching and service

> To ensure the generation of economic resources and their transparent and efficient management

> To support the generational change by supporting the growth trajectory of young researchers and researchers

> To conduct gender equity management 

Sight and Life sends its best wishes and warm congratulations to Dr Rivera Dommarco.