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Here at Sight and Life, we believe great leadership is about having a vision of an improved world, acting on that vision and inspiring others to do the same.

·   A good leader is a visionary, not a dreamer: someone who not only dreams and talks about a better world but steps up to realize his vision.
·   A good leader is innovative and creative: someone who seeks new solutions to a problem and provides the knowledge and methods to take them into action.
·   A good leader is passionate: someone who is driven by a passion about his or her work to improve the current situation.
·   A good leader has courage: someone who rises and takes initiative in difficult times.
·   A transformative leader is an inspiration: someone who inspires, encourages, and helps other people achieving improvement.

In this spirit, we are proud to announce the Sight and Life Nutrition Leadership Award 2019 will be presented this November at the SUN Global Gathering in Nepal.

Do you know a leader changing the future of nutrition? Please submit a nomination HERE for the Sight and Life Nutrition Leadership Award 2019 by September 30th, 2019 EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 6th, 2019

David Nabarro, 2012; Robert Black, 2013; Anna Lartey, 2014; Shawn Baker, 2015; Shilpa Bhatte and Ellen Piwoz, 2017