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One of the leading news magazines of India, Outlook Poshan creates space for important stories to be heard, addressing the issues at hand, while keeping an eye out for opportunities ahead. In this vein, the Food Systems Innovation Hubs have been featured for their important potential in tackling malnutrition.

‘To end all forms of malnutrition, we need to enable environment-friendly food systems that are local, resilient and responsive. “We believe that the power for this transformation – from struggling food systems to a robust machinery that enables society-wide healthier dietary shifts – lies in Food Systems Innovation Hubs,” says Kalpana Beesabathuni, Global Lead of Technology and Entrepreneurship at Sight and Life …’

Find out more about the importance of food hubs in combatting soil erosion, food waste and the double burden of malnutrition by reading the full article here and learn more in our full blog series here.