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Here at Sight and Life, we care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our fellow world citizens and have been working to improve access to quality nutrition globally since our inception during the famine in the Horn of Africa in the mid-1980s. Through our work at the foundation, we have seen firsthand the immense impact scientific evidence, technology transfer, and targeted investment can have on food systems.

We continue to innovate today and are proud to announce our a new initiative – Food Systems Innovation Hubs. Register for the webinar HERE

We will work to establish hubs in rapidly emerging consumer markets, such as India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya to stimulate investment in resilient and responsive food systems, as well as facilitate relevant technology transfer and know-how from HIC to LMIC. Through partnerships, government collaboration, impact investors, and philanthropies in the context of local entrepreneurs, these hubs will catalyze a transformative change for society-wide dietary shifts towards more efficient, healthier, and more environmentally friendly food systems.

Get involved

Join us in this coordinated effort to improve the world’s food systems and to reach out to learn how you can become involved. Together we can work to solve this global problem of peoples’ and planetary health. To learn more about the Food Systems Innovation Hubs, register for our webinar on Tuesday, February 2 at 7:00 EST / 13:00 CET HERE

Find out more by reading our latest blog HERE. To connect with us, please email