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This edition of the Sight and Life magazine focuses on food product innovation and the huge potential it has to help us address key challenges in the journey to a sustainable planet that is free from all forms of malnutrition.

Sight Life, Product Innovation, magazine, SAL, Nutrition ARISE, technology, product chainThe pages in this issue explore the spectrum of product innovation by providing a broad perspective from product discovery and formulation techniques through to cutting-edge developments with a promising positive impact on the future of nutrition. For instance, Simone Frey from the Nutrition Hub gives us an illuminating tour of the thriving food innovation ecosystem through her piece “Enabling Entrepreneurship in NutritionReformulating Food Products for Improved Nutrition” and written by Jörg Spieldenner from Innosuisse and Klazine van der Horst from Bern University introduces us to the evolutionary approach of food product reformulation. In “An Innovation Evolution,” Senoe Torgerson and Dipika Matthias from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation argue the need for evolution in one of the most successful nutrition-relevant innovations in history – food fortification. Simon Billing and Heidi Spurrell from the Protein Challenge 2040 Initiative at Forum for the Future walk us through the effervescent landscape of new protein sources and the promise they hold in the feature “New Protein Sources“. Enjoy pressing the pages of this issue cover to cover!

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