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A Practical Guidebook on Increasing Nutritional Impact Through Integration of WASH and Nutrition Programs

WASH’ Nutrition is an outstanding resource for implementers who are thirsty for practical guidance on the integration of WASH and nutrition at the field level. This comprehensive guidebook launched by Action Contre la Faim not only encourages the design of new integrated projects but also provides support for reinforcing existing integrated interventions, and gives much room for context-based design and implementation. 

The report describes the practical implementation of integrated activities at different levels (household, community, national) and in different settings (schools, nutrition and health centers). It also puts forward a framework for monitoring and evaluation with related indicators, and covers advocacy for WASH and nutrition integration, capacity-building and communication. A collection of examples and practical tools extrapolated from case studies is available at the end of the report to help with integration efforts.

“Addressing undernutrition and meeting the 2025 Global Nutrition Targets will require a multisectoral approach with a strengthened focus on improving WASH […] No child ought to suffer from undernutrition, and through smart, targeted joint action on WASH and nutrition, millions of deaths can be prevented” – Zita Weise Prinzo, Nutrition for Health and Development, WHO, and Margaret Montgomery, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, WHO 

The report can be accessed here