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What is social marketing? 

Social marketing combines concepts and techniques from social science and marketing to create programs designed to influence human behavior to benefit society. It is considered a professional craft that relies on multiple scientific disciplines. Approaches that use social marketing have found success in public health, environmental protection, and political marketing. Here at Sight and Life, we believe social marketing has tremendous power to shift behaviors toward better nutrition, and we want to teach you all we know. 

Scholarships Available

Today, we are proud to announce an open call for a chance to win a scholarship to an SSPH+ Summer School course taking place virtually August 23-28, 2021. The four (4) selected winners will receive a scholarship to the 3-day course ‘Generating Demand for better public health goods and services: A systems and consumer-centered approach‘. Applicants need to apply here by submitting a one-minute video creatively answering the question ‘How you would change the world to make it a better place?’ and a recent C.V.

This course is taught by Sight and Life experts:

Rowena Merrit, Senior Advisor on Consumer Insights and Social Marketing at Sight and Life
Breda Gavin-Smith, Global Public Health Nutrition Manager at Sight and Life
Kalpana Beesabathuni, Technology and Entrepreneurship at Sight and Life
Puja Peyden Tshering, Consumer Insights Specialist at Sight and Life

The engaging course will explore the following: 
– Explain the core elements of successful social marketing demand creation.
– Learn how to “pitch” social marketing demand creation ideas and sustainable business models to senior management, stakeholders, and donors to gain buy-in.
– Explore how innovations in behavioral science and consumer insights are used to create demand for better public health goods and services.
– Understand the planning process used in developing successful demand creation initiatives.
– Identify, prioritize and segment the target audience.
– Understand the importance of formative research in demand-creation work and how to ask the right questions.
– Discuss important issues related to public-private partnerships in trying to reach public health goals.
– Develop a social marketing intervention mix based on insights.
– Critically appraise at least two programs in which public-private partnerships have been used to achieve public health outcomes.
– Understand why putting on your ‘business hat’ is important when thinking of improving nutrition and public health goods and services at scale.
– Explain at least three programs in which social and behavior change was used as a tool for development and discuss the strengths of those particular applications.

The application deadline is Friday, June 25, 2021, at 23:58 ET. Winners will be announced on Thursday, July 1, 2021. Share the announcement easily on social media by visiting our Trello board.

Please apply here.

Can’t wait to learn more?

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– In our Expand your Knowledge blog post, we have collated an array of books, websites, and papers that are valuable resources. We hope these recommendations can deepen your knowledge of BCC and provide thought-provoking ideas and inspiration as they did for us.

Puja Peyden Tshering of Sight and Life studies how some alternative protein brands have chosen to open conversations with their consumers in such a fresh, new category. In her post Alternative Proteins: Speaking to consumers, she breaks down the brands speak through the archetype lens, providing the brand a more human feel. Find out more here

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– Rowena Merritt, Senior Advisor on Consumer Insights and Social Marketing at Sight and Life, and mother to an 8-year-old boy with a strong affection for ‘fizzy’ drinks, addresses the essential task of understanding your target audience in an informative and humorous style. Enjoy reading this uplifting post; It Makes Me Smile, here

– Sight and Life’s Breda Gavin-Smith collated her recommendations for useful resources in behavior change communication (BCC) from books and websites to e-learning modules in the blog post titled Essential Reading on Behavior Change Communication (BCC).