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Bambanani is an organization based in South Africa which supports the running of early learning centers for children aged between one and five years in a low income communities around a town Phalaborwa. Phalaborwa is largely a mining town but has a high level of unemployment and many refugees from neighboring countries.

“Malnutrition is a socially constructed phenomenon, organized around income, gender, education, and ethnicity. Advocacy for nutrition must be advocacy for equity, and for eliminating the broader social factors that continue to feed malnutrition as a social problem.” – Eva Monterossa, Sight and Life’s Scientific Manager

Bambanani assists with the training of individuals running early learning centers and supports them in ensuring that the centers meet the needs of the children at this critical stage of development. Activities include building renovations, as many are inappropriate, obtaining water tanks to ensure a supply of water in an area plagued by drought, boundary fences for the protection of the children, the development of food gardens to support the school meals, a toy library and teacher training. The centers all provide the children with both breakfast and lunch, as the majority come from food insecure homes.

At Sight and Life, we understand the critically important role that nutrition plays in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life (from conception to the child’s second birthday), significantly influencing a child’s survival and impacting their future potential. Sight and Life proudly supports Bambanani by providing MixMe™, an instant fortified porridge to around 400 children attending these early learning centers, so not only filling hungry tummies but also providing vital vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health and development .

“The porridge tastes very good; it is very much liked and is helping the children tremendously.” – Pinky Khosa, Bambanani Project Manager