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Goal: To empower social entrepreneurial networks operating at scale in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi with nutrition toolkits

In our experience, there are six barriers to scale nutrition solutions:

> Sustainability: piecemeal funding of projects

> Products: inflated prices, counterfeits

> Access: high cost of distribution

> Awareness: complex and erroneous information, myths

> Affordability or inconsistent and erratic consumer cash flows

> Underdeveloped or missing market systems

Social franchising, micro-financing and other social business models that offer livelihood opportunities to low income groups have been able to overcome each of the six barriers. However, nutrition is missing in most of them due to limited knowledge (see Barrier 4 – awareness) and capacity to innovate (see Barrier 2 – product offering) in nutrition. Incorporating nutrition into any of these networks will provide supplemental income to these entrepreneurs while also making them trusted sources of nutrition solutions and education. Lessons learnt from activating nutrition in a few such networks will serve as a blueprint for most organizations that use micro-franchising principles.