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Goal: To understand women’s food choices, and translate these insights into product offerings that are affordable and easily available.

Sight and Life is a steering partner and co-funder of the Affordable Nutritious Food for Women (ANF4W) project in Ghana. This recognizes that nutrition during a child’s first 1,000 days depends, to a great extent, on the mother’s nutritional status. This partnership aims to encourage voluntary fortification of food products to meet the nutritional needs of Ghanaian women; support small and medium-size food processing companies by building a business case for voluntary fortification; provide technical assistance on fortification; and bolster a social marketing campaign to increase nutrition awareness within the target group through a quality seal. The ANF4W project will offer a blueprint for how to incentivize the private sector to create affordable and nutritious foods in developing countries

Sight and Life provides technical expertise on formative and food value-chain assessment, business, and social marketing.

Partners: GIZ, CIFF, Ajinomoto, DSM