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Savanna Trust, the CSR project of Savanna Lodge a game farm situated outside Hazyview in South Africa, is dedicated to helping the local villages where many of their staff live. Among other projects, Savanna Trust works with the Tiyimiseleni Community Centre and Mketse Primary School.

Tiyimiseleni Community Centre is a home-based care center that each afternoon opens its doors to 250 children aged between 3-17 years from the community. The African proverb, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, is particularly pertinent in this environment, as Hazyview is situated in a province with the second highest HIV/AIDs prevalence in South Africa, resulting in many orphans and vulnerable child headed households. The center provides the children with a lunch meal, a place to do their homework and a space where they can play after school. Sight and Life supports Tiyimiseleni Community Centre through the provision of a vitamin and mineral fortified beverage which is enjoyed with their meal. The community center’s volunteer community caretakers have reported a significant difference in the health and energy of all the children saying “now hardly anyone has had flu, they are much more energetic and their concentration levels went up. So the juice is working perfectly!”

Mketse Primary School has around 650 students and is situated in an area where it is estimated that around 25% of the children come from child headed households. The vision of the passionate Headmaster and dedicated staff is to provide knowledge and skills that will enable students to fulfill a productive role in society and so give back to their community. Sight and Life contributes towards this vision through its support of the school lunch program. We provide MixMe™ multiple micronutrient powder that is added to the meal prepared each day by community volunteers. In so doing, we are supporting keeping these children’s young bodies healthy, active and, ready to learn.