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micronutrientThe Micronutrient Forum is a global leader which bridges scientific knowledge with policy and programs across multiple sectors. It provides support for capacity development as well as continuous dialogue for action to ensure the full integration of nutrition. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of micronutrient adequacy in health promotion and disease prevention throughout the life cycle. 

In late 2011, the Micronutrient Forum was revitalized by a group of organizations and individuals with a common interest in both improving the nutritional status of populations, and strengthening our ability to prevent micronutrient malnutrition. As such, Sight and Life serves as one of the Micronutrient Forum’s Steering Committee members.

The Micronutrient Forum Global Conferences bring together an estimated 1,000 leading nutrition, food security, global health and sustainable agriculture experts and practitioners from all over the world, to share and analyze nutrition research to bridge the gap from best evidence to best action on the ground; global conference locations include Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2014 and Cancun, Mexico in 2016.