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Location: Karnataka, India

Goal: Design an integrated approach that encourage school-going children to adopt good nutrition and hygiene behaviours.

The nutritional status of school going children depends on intake of nutrients in food but also losses of nutrient from infectious disease. “Feed the Future Through Fortified Rice” is a project that uses two approaches to improve nutrition status among school going children. The project (1) improves the nutrient intakes by offering fortified rice with lunch meals, and (2) prevent nutrient loss through deworming and Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education (WASH) at schools. Sight and Life was the key technical partner on the nutrition and WASH education.

Over a period of 18 months we co-developed with our partners a three-pronged education strategy, which drew on existing school norms and regular activities. The strategies are peer role models & cues to action (grades 1-10); games (grades 1-5) and helper crews (grades 3-8); and problem-based learning (grade 7-10 only).

Partners: PATH, Karuna Trust, Akshaya Patra