Priyanka Kumari

Program Coordinator for Sight and Life

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Growing up in an agriculture family from east India, I would stroll past lush green fields of paddy, wheat, and corn during vacations. Behind this prosperity, there were scenes of hundreds of women farmers with their infants in cloth pouches at their back, working in the fields under the scorching heat. Although they satisfied the hunger of thousands, they themselves could not afford a meal due to income disparity and uneven margin distribution across the value chain. This pushed them and their children towards malnutrition.

These experiences began my endeavor to bring change at grassroots and uplift these households has strengthened with each of my experiences with farmers over the years. I wish to grasp every opportunity I get to change and improve the lives of millions of women farmers in India.

“I believe that agriculture and nutrition work in accordance, steering the health of millions. Sight and Life offers an opportunity to analyze food system holistically and share multi-sectoral findings creating innovations to prevent malnutrition.”


Innovations in supply chain and developing technical skills are crucial to improve production efficiency, streamline last-mile distribution, and boost technology adoption, ultimately increasing farmer’s share in the food system as an investor and consumer. This became my passion as an agribusiness professional and motivated me to take the next step. At Sight and Life, I get opportunities to enhance livelihoods and improve nutrition among low-income households.