Puja Peyden Tshering

Consumer Insight Specialist for Sight and Life

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During my childhood, I moved every one or two years with my family. Moving often ensures one stays in a state of constant learning. My experiences left an impression and created my enthusiastic and curious outlook about new cultures, new places, and new people. I have always been obsessed with asking questions, finding answers and solutions and I work hard at keeping my mind and heart as curious as it was when I was 5. I find that learning is the easiest way to challenge oneself. It bursts bubbles, encourages stepping out of your comfort zone and makes you appreciate the world more.  
As I grew older, it made sense to assimilate what I was learning, and compile the skills I was building, to give back to the world I had taken so much from. I wanted to work toward making the world better, safer and more wholesome, whichever way I could, as long as I could and because I must. My experience in consumer research has been a revelation in the study of people and their psyche, teaching me most importantly, that no problem is unidimensional – not in a city, not in a forest, not in a field.
Sight and Life articulates a vision of a world free from all forms of malnutrition and understands the complexity of that vision. Joining Sight and Life feels like a convergence of various sorts – my passion for solving multifaceted problems, meeting new people and learning about new cultures, working with an experienced team that helps me learn and laugh more each day. Solving for malnutrition is such a layered learning process, I could not think of a better team to be part of, to continue to be curious and apply my learnings to positively change the lives of others.