Anne Milan

Architect and Design Specialist

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Growing up I spent the summers at my grandmother’s home in India and fondly remember a daily ritual of picking vegetables from the garden, eggs from the henhouse and picking up fresh coconuts from the storeroom. Even as a child I was cognizant to only take what is needed from the garden – two eggplants, four chilies, and the ripe tomatoes. The feeling of fullness not only came from the meal but also from the fact that the whole meal – from farm to the plate – was a series of mindful actions.

My family was lucky to a have a well-rounded meal every day, from the fresh cow’s milk and a clean source of spring water to a garden providing nutritious fruits and vegetables. Compared to the hardships face by Durga and Apu, characters from the moving tale of Pather Panchali, my life was a dream. In the story the mother, Sarbajaya, would struggle every day to feed her children Durga and Apu by rationing meals of puffed rice and a few vegetables. This hardship has forever been etched in my mind and is an unfortunate reality for many. 
Working for Sight and Life, I am honored to be applying my skills as an architect and designer to bring stories, concepts, experiences and voices to life and help improve lives of children like Durga and Apu!