Yana Manyuk

Social Marketing Specialist

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When I close my eyes and think about happy moments from my childhood in Russia, I can see my grandma stirring Russian Beetroot Soup in a big kettle and smell the freshly caught fish from dad’s fishing trip and recently picked mushrooms from the forest. When I was 9 years old my whole family moved to Germany. Amidst this incredibly challenging process of adaptation and slow transformation of my cultural identity – it was my grandma’s beetroot soup with sour cream that gave me comfort and a sense of home. That meal opened the door for my friends to discover my Russian culture through food, which told a story of heritage and provided a home of warmth.

I grew up in a family of artists and doctors – equally fascinated by the human sciences and the creativity of expression. At a very young age, I knew my dream job would be one where I could combine my love for science, humanities, food culture, and art. Behavioral change is as much a science as it is an art and I feel truly blessed that I live my professional dream. I often describe my role as a detective with a passion for innovative solutions. It takes patient research, sensitivity, empathy, and creativity to crack the case of how to change people’s behaviors.

Yana Manyuk Sight Life“Out of a myriad of options to apply my set of knowledge and skills, I chose nutrition as it is the most interesting to me. Behavior change in this field has probably the most sophisticated goals; we not only aim to change multiple intricate behaviors but to gain a deep understanding of and influence people’s daily routines and change their habits. This is a difficult challenge.” – Yana Manyuk

I feel lucky to be working with a passionate and compassionate team comprised of different experiences, talents and expertise to solve some of the worlds most challenging issues with solutions drawn from innovation and characterized by their smart simplicity. It is an honor to be part of the Sight and Life family.