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About us

  • Leadership Team

    Dr Klaus Kraemer


    Dive into Klaus’s biography and discover how he has grown Sight and Life over the past 15 years. Find out more here.

    Kalpana Beesabathuni

    Global Lead, Technology and Entrepreneurship

    A savvy businesswoman devoted to advancing science, Kalpana is successfully creating opportunities for Sight and Life. Find out more here.

    Breda Gavin-Smith

    Global Public Health Nutrition Manager

    As an experienced dietitian and public health professional, Breda brings a wide breadth of experience to Sight and Life. Find out more here

    Yosra Tekaya

    Head of Finance and Operations

    Stepping in with extensive experience, Yosra adds fresh ideas and strategic approaches to managing the Sight and Life portfolio.

    Kesso Gabrielle van Zutphen

    Knowledge and Research Manager

    Driven by innovation in nutrition, Kesso pursued an education in public health and was drawn to the forward-thinking mindset of Sight and Life. Here she will drive new advances in nutrition. Find out more here

    Chiara Ferraboschi

    Technical Nutrition Associate

    Eager, smart, and curious. Chiara successfully contributes to a variety of projects and provides a knowledgeable perspective.

    Jimena Monroy Goméz

    Technical Nutrition Associate

    Jimena is a nutritionist with experience in business and corporate communications. She brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to accelerate nutrition initiatives. 

    Srujith Lingala

    Manager Technology and Entrepreneurship

    A welcomed addition to Sight and Life, Lingala’s command of technology and eye for opportunity has quickly translated into actions. Find out more here

    Madhavika Bajoria

    Manager, Nutrition Integration

    Madhavika joins from India as an important driver for Sight and Life to successfully achieve our goals for the future. Find out more about her passion for nutrition here

    Anirudh Poddar

    Strategy Associate, India

    Anirudh thrives when solving problems that matter and strives to develop sustainable lifestyles for all. 

    Priyanka Kumari

    Program Coordinator, India

    Priyanka brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the agriculture sector in India to Sight and Life. Find out more here.

    Puja Peyden Tshering

    Consumer Insight Specialist

    Puja’s inquisitive mind is always working to find the best fit solutions to solve the most complicated problems. Find out more her and her goals here.

    Pavithra Balasubramanian

    Executive Assistant

    The day-to-day operations in India are running smoothly due to Pavithra’s dedication and meticulous organization. Find out more about her here

    Elvis Gakuba

    Rwanda Country Manager

    Dedicated to making positive change through policy, Elvis plays a key role in fighting all forms of malnutrition in Rwanda. Find out more here.

    Vestine Nyirahabimana 

    Method and Evaluation Specialist

    Focused on making positive change, Vestine brings data to life and improves engagement within communities. Find out more about her here

    Daniel Amanquah

    Food Fortification Specialist, Obaasima

    Daniel is dedicated to improving the nutritious food products available for women in Ghana and with his passion and expertise in food science he is sure to move the needle. Find out more about this endeavors here

    Laura Prestel

    Global Coordinator

    Laura is a connecter who will hold the diverse Sight and Life team together while managing the daily operations of the organization including financial, administrative, and legal tasks. Find out more here

    Nola Martin


    With 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, Nola will elevate Sight and Life’s communications and grow our recognition as a thought leader. Find out more here.

    Erin Fagerholm

    Marketing and Communications Associate

    Erin brings a broad range of perspectives to the Sight and Life team along with a talent for creating impactful ways to communicate. 

    Anne Milan

    Architect and Design Specialist

    Anne’s eye for design brings a fresh perspective to Sight and Life’s projects and goals. Find out more about her and why she is passionate about nutrition here.

    Yash Goel

    Design Specialist

    With a keen eye for design, Yash interprets and transforms abstract ideas into easy-to-understand visuals.