Advancing Nutrition, Delivering Impact

We deliver evidence-backed, innovative interventions for malnutrition using cross-sectoral approaches. With the foundation also being able to conduct research projects in this area, our focus is on combating undernutrition and malnutrition, and improving nutrition, health, as well as the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations, especially children, adolescents, and women of reproductive age.

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Meet Grace Nyirongo

Our farmer partner in Malawi

“I earn 3 times that of Malawi’s minimum wages now. I can put my daughter through school and supply up to 1,000 eggs a day to my community.”

Helping people help themselves

For decades, we’ve been translating science into practical solutions that ease the malnutrition burden on vulnerable populations. Now, we build bigger, bolder solutions with local partners and smallholder farmers like Grace.

Grace joined us as a farmer partner for Egg Hub Malawi with a flock of 300 birds. In 4 years, she became the proud owner of 1200 birds. Sight and Life’s Egg Hub model empowers local smallholder farmers to provide more eggs to their communities. Regular consumption of eggs is one of the most effective, proven ways to combat malnutrition, and people like Grace are joining us to scale up Egg Hubs across LMICs.

Together, we pilot real-life, on-ground solutions before taking these solutions to scale for substantial and sustainable impact.

Behind our quest to end malnutrition

Poor nutrition takes an enormous toll on humanity, limiting individual potential and holding back progress. Worse still, its effects linger far into the future. Improved and timely access to good nutrition, on the other hand, can transform lives and livelihoods.

Here are the realities that guide our work

Our Strategy

To combat rising malnutrition, we need direct impact on the ground. Our new strategy is designed to fill critical gaps as we progress from scientific innovations to sustainable models to scalable solutions to achieve that. We ensure that our science-led solutions deliver maximum impact by combining a market-driven approach with the public delivery system.

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