Giulia is a public health nutritionist who is passionate about food and nutrition security, nutrition-sensitive programs, and food system transformation. With a dietetics and clinical nutrition background, she obtained her master’s degree in Nutrition and Health, specializing in Epidemiology and Public Health. Giulia also holds a PhD in Global Nutrition, during which she led the monitoring and evaluation of a nutrition-sensitive program aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among low-income urban populations in Vietnam and Nigeria. Giulia's expertise extends to consulting for a school meal program as a dietary assessment and data analysis expert. She has diverse experience across Asian and African countries, reflecting her commitment to co-creating and implementing solutions to ensure healthy diets for all. At Sight and Life, she works closely with the scientific team, managing research project portfolios, advancing fundraising activities while supporting ongoing writing and content development initiatives. Additionally, she brings her knowledge and enthusiasm to translate scientific evidence into solution identification and implementation.

Core functions: managing and developing research project portfolios, grant and scientific writing, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment
Core areas of interest: nutrition, healthy diets, public health, food system
Approach to work: translating scientific evidence into solutions, systematic and inclusive approach   
Core areas of research: nutrition-sensitive interventions, food system transformation, healthy and sustainable diets, dietary assessment
Core Qualifications: PhD in global nutrition from Wageningen University and Research, master’s degree in nutrition and health with specialization in epidemiology and public health, from Wageningen University and Research, bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Università degli Studi di Milano
Past organizations: FAO, Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen Centre for Development and Innovation
Global footprint: working experience in several countries, scientific publications  

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