Kalyani leads communications globally for Sight and Life. She has been a journalist and editor for 20+ years before moving to communications roles in the development sector. She has published numerous articles on urgent issues such as quality education, climate emergency, and malnutrition, and edited several journals on topics ranging from empowering women in rural areas to large-scale milk fortification.

As the comms lead at SAL, she is responsible for all messaging across projects and events, making sure that our communications strategy remains sharp and up to date.

  • Core functions: Communications strategy, editing, and writing.
  • Core areas of interest: Keeping messaging impactful and relevant; making messaging relatable for a wide range of audiences; the complexities of delivering impact.
  • Approach to work: Taking the most time-efficient route to deliver the most impactful result.
  • Core qualifications: 20+ years of work experience as a journalist and editor; 100+ publications.
  • Past organizations: As a consultant, Kalyani has worked with IMPAct4Nutrition, Centre Square Foundation, Tata Trusts, GIZ, and UNICEF India, before joining SAL full-time.
  • Global footprint: At SAL, Kalyani works on all projects across the globe. As a journalist, her writing has appeared in publications based out of England, Germany, Dubai and the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

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