Graduated in Food Science and Technology (BSc.), Master of Science in Agricultural economics, and Master of Science in International Development. This places him in righter spots to provide a wider range of interventions in agricultural value chains, food systems, and development-related solutions at both local and international levels.


Over the last 15 years, he worked on food systems and livelihoods projects and strengthened his experience with processes and procedures within the private sector (agricultural cooperatives, agro-processing firms, and non-governmental organizations), public sector (central and local government), international and multi-lateral institutions (EU, World Bank/IFC, USAID and UN agencies). He worked on Rwandan Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) under the “Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems _CDAIS”, coordinating the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) at the country level. He served in Rwandan food systems city context analysis that transitioned to the role of project management for the NICE project in Rwanda.   


Core functions: Oversight of 4 work streams in the NICE project related to governance, supply, demand and learning; coordinating the Swiss consortium; overseeing the project monitoring and reporting.


Core areas of interest: Collaboration and communication among project partners (local and global team); support local partners to navigate the complexity of the rural-urban food systems

Approach to work: context-based.

Core areas of research: Food security and livelihoods.

Core Qualifications: Food Science and Technology (BSc.), Agricultural Economics (Msc.), International Development (MSc.)

Past organizations: As a consultant, he worked with OXFAM GB, SPARK, Trocaire, Global Communities and Plan International EU, World bank/IFC, USAID and WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF

Past achievements: Establishment of a medium-sized potato processing plant in Rwanda and He was one of the Rwandan Innovation Facilitators in testing the TAP framework through the CDAIS project.


Global footprint: The academic and professional performances appeared in different publications in Europe and Asia

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