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Discover the very first episode of the BrainFood Podcast, featuring the Disruptive Science Show!

In a world where we are faced with an overabundance of information, of which some is accurate and some not, this show responds to the need for evidence-based, concise, and trusted information. Here you will find a moderated discussion between three experts addressing a relevant, trending, or controversial topic which stimulates critical thinking across the food and nutrition discourse. The Disruptive Science Show provides a space for engaging and challenging conversations among expert stakeholders who are encouraged to push the status quo.

Plant-based meats: Getting the Nutrition Facts Straight

What do we really know about alternative protein products’ nutritional value? At Sight and Life, we value the importance of going beyond the persuasive environmental and health claims currently associated with such products and strive to understand the science and nutritional benefits of this emerging field. This first episode of our series on “Plant-based meat” offers a deep dive into some of the most burning questions we have on the nutritional value, health impacts, and technology of these new products.



Kesso Gabrielle van Zutphen-Küffer, Research and Knowledge Manager, Sight and Life and PhD Candidate, Global Nutrition, Wageningen University & Research

Nitya Vissamsetti, Undergraduate student studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology at Johns Hopkins University

Jacquelyn Bedsaul, PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Immunology Department of Biological Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University


Dr Simone K Frey, Founder Nutrition Hub
Dr Stephan van Vliet, Postdoctoral Associate in the Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center at Duke University
Dr Alan Hernandez Alvarez, Lecturer in Nutrition and Global Health, University of Leeds


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DOI Number 10.52439/XNKH9544

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