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The Sight and Life magazine, our flagship publication, is published bi-annually and provides a platform for information sharing, which is respected and valued within the nutrition community. It not only includes scientific knowledge about micronutrient nutrition and health, but also shares news on recent nutrition events, reports on key congresses, and advances from the laboratory to the field.  

“Portraying the priority issues on micronutrient malnutrition and presenting what could be done at international, national and local levels to address these issues.”
– Edward Tandingan, Helen Keller International, Phillipines

“Disseminate relevant information; inspire scientists of all ages, especially those in developing nations, on improving nutrition and public health.”
– Judy D. Ribaya-Mercado, Tufts University, USA:

The Sight and Life team also publishes peer-reviewed scientific research articles, blogs, commentary pieces, and books, with the goal of knowledge sharing. All of our published works are available to access on the Sight and Life resources page.