Annual report 2017

Nutrition has the power to develop healthy, prosperous, and thriving populations and create a more promising future for the world we live in. It is a critical element needed to nourish the more than 2 billion people affected by hidden hunger or micronutrient deficiencies and the 800 million people across the globe suffering from overt hunger. And the situation is compounding, the lack of adequate nutrition has recently defined new issues and many countries are now facing the triple burden of undernutrition, overweight and obesity, and micronutrient deficiencies simultaneously. We are now in the position to push nutrition forward on the agenda, more than ever. Although goals and targets are clearly elucidated, the world is not on track to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 2.2 of ending malnutrition in all its forms.

“Nutrition is both a maker and a marker of development. Improved nutrition is the platform for progress in health, education, employment, empowerment of women, and the reduction of poverty and inequality, and can lay the foundation for peaceful, secure, and stable societies,” stated Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Using this as our ambition, we focus our approach on cultivating innovative solutions to eliminate all forms of malnutrition through three strategic areas: advancing research, sharing best practices, and mobilizing support. The ultimate goal for Sight and Life is an improved world where everyone enjoys the right to good nutrition, regardless of location, gender, race or income.

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