An egg for every child

With the support of CIFF Ethiopia, this project will build capacity of local entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers to increase production of high quality eggs across Ethiopia.

Eggs are an affordable high-quality protein and an excellent pathway to improving child and maternal diets with significant potential to bend the malnutrition curve. Research studies have established that eggs contribute significantly to reduce stunting and improve dietary diversity. However, philanthropic efforts to improve egg production through backyard poultry have failed to show impact. Consistent with global evidence, closing the gap will require a shift towards small-scale, commercially-driven solutions.

The Egg Hub is a sustainable, localized model of egg production that spurs creation of small-sized farms. SAL, in collaboration with our partners, CIFF and SNV Ethiopia, will:

  1. Improve production of eggs by establishing six such Egg Hubs that will support 1,275 smallholder farmers to achieve economies of scale through the aggregation of inputs, extension services, marketing, distribution, and sales. 
  2. Encourage consumption of eggs among pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and children under 5 years of age by addressing sociocultural barriers through a systematic focus on behavior change, promoting positive health and nutrition outcomes. 
  3. Test a range of hypotheses to improve smallholder farm productivity and profitability through constant and rapid prototyping approaches. The results will help achieve optimal farm productivity, farm health, and replicability across Ethiopia.