Strengthening the implementation science of health programs

Nigeria, India

To understand the domains of implementation of Micro Nutrient Powders (MNP) and/or Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) intervention in Nigeria, including the overlap of delivery systems and logistics, and potential beneficiaries at the household level.

Based on the positive experiences with MNP at the pilot stage in two local government areas in Nigeria, there is now an interest in working in more states to develop, test, and document an approach that can be used for a national scale up. There is similarly an interest in developing, testing, and documenting an approach for MMS. 

The approach for MNP and MMS will be the foundation for all partners in all states to collectively scale-up the programs using common approaches for various components, for e.g., from procurement and delivery mechanisms to program monitoring. This experience in Nigeria could also provide useful insights for other MNP and MMS programs globally. Implementation research on how to best support the scale-up of these interventions is critical and will provide useful insights that will ensure sustainability of the program.

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