Empowering local entrepreneurs

To empower local entrepreneurs to provide food-related solutions that work in their communities.

Climate change, COVID-19, and war have had a damaging impact on the already fractured food systems across the world. The consequences are grim. For instance, the African continent is responsible for only 4% of global emissions but faces the worst effects of climate change. The 2022 floods in Pakistan are estimated to cost 12% of its GDP. As more and more people go hungrier with each passing year, we need innovative, out-of-the-box ideas that can be turned into solutions on the ground to make a real impact. 

SAL strongly believes that local problems require local solutions. We partner with reputed institutions, such as Harvard University for the 2023 Entrepreneurship Training program, and design special courses focused on innovations in food systems. Programs like these will create a pipeline of food system changemakers, specifically in African nations and India, who are locally rooted, globally connected, and empowered to challenge the status quo of their communities.

We aim to support thousands of next-generation entrepreneurs who will be motivated and energized to fill the gaps in food systems in their markets, and, as a collective, will end up solving some of the biggest problems we face today – from farm practices and supply chains to storing, packing, delivery, and climate change.