Extraordinary Eggs: Shelling Out the Science (1/2)

In the inaugural episode of our new podcast series, we will be cracking open a topic that's as nutritious as it is controversial: EGGS. Eggs are "superfoods" since they are an excellent source of high quality protein, lipids, and 13 micronutrients essential for health and development. They still remain, however, one of the most under-consumed foods in many Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) where the need for such energy-dense, long shelf-life foods is highest.

In the first part, we delve into the nutrition science and unravel the egg-citing debates surrounding this versatile food. From cholesterol conundrums to protein-packed goodness, we break down the facts, myths, and nutritional benefits of the egg.

00:00  Introduction
03:52 Question of the day
07:42 3 Key nutrients and health benefits of Eggs
08:10 Eggs and "bad" cholesterol
13:36 Conclusion

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