Sight and Life Webinar Series: Behavior Change Communication Webinar 1 of 4

We are proud to present the inaugural Sight and Life Webinar Series, where Sight and Life experts explore, unpack, and demystify topics that are of interest to the global nutrition community. Our first Sight and Life Webinar series will focus on the topic of behavior change communication (BCC). Presented in a series of four webinars, we will examine the BCC process from the program manager’s point-of-view. That means, we emphasize experiential knowledge combined with research analysis, and identify tools and tips to help the program manager manage the BCC process. In the first webinar titled “People eat food not nutrition: Integrating BCC into nutrition programs” our experts define BCC and its key principles. In addition, explain where BCC fits with other communication approaches and why viewing BCC as a process with distinct steps is key to its success. If you are a program manager or health practitioner who understands the need for behavior change and wants guidance as well as practical tips for BCC, then this webinar series is for you.

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