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The inaugural Sight and Life Webinar series focuses on the topic of behavior change communications (BCC) and is presented in a series of four webinars. In this series we examine the BCC process from the program manager’s point-of-view. That means, we emphasize experiential knowledge combined with research analysis, and identify tools and tips to help the program manager manage the BCC process.

In the first webinar titled, “People eat food not nutrition: Integrating BCC into nutrition programs” our experts define BCC and its key principles. In addition, explain where BCC fits with other communication approaches and why viewing BCC as a process with distinct steps is key to its success.

The second webinar, “Assessing the situation: What you need to know” is where we identify the typical knowledge needs for BCC intervention in nutrition. Our expert reveals techniques that can maximize the information from your knowledge sources including written material, such as program reports or scientific papers, experienced program stakeholders or service providers, and of course, your target audience. Additionally, we share tips for tailoring formative research in order to generate insights on the factors driving eating behaviors.

The essence of designing and implementing a BCC strategy are discussed in the third webinar, “BCC Strategy and Roll out: The devil’s in the detail“.  Here our in-house social marketing expert, Ms Yana Manyuk, will share her tips and tricks for creative design, pre-testing ideas, and the all-critical roll-out strategy. 

Every program manager is accountable for doing something that works. In the fourth webinar, “Monitoring the Process: Does it work?” we discuss monitoring and evaluation for BCC strategy. Topics include BCC program theory, critical pathways, process indicators, and the always loved, monitoring framework. We provide practical advice on how to use monitoring data to refine or redesign the BCC strategy.

Watch the entire series below: 

The presentation slide decks are also available for download on our resources page here

Stay tuned in to the happenings at Sight and Life as we announce our next Sight and Life Webinar Series, where Sight and Life experts explore, unpack, and demystify topics that are of interest to the global nutrition community.